Leaving the network with discretionary payment

Leaving the Post Office network with a payment for Post Office Limited, the much trumpeted essential part of the Network Transformation program is not all it seems. According to the General Secretary of the NFSP George Thompson this was the leaving with dignity option and the way out for sub-postmaster desperate to leave the network with some investment intact.

A freedom of information request was made on this subject and as of the 9 of April 2013 a grand total of one sub-postmaster has left with a discretionary payment.

At the CWU Postmasters Branch we are well aware there is no shortage of postmasters wanting to leave, however this is dependent on POL finding a suitable replacement site. Tales of widespread and continuing incompetence from POL and local opposition to some of the new site is preventing them from leaving. Even where new sites have been identified some retails are finding the request and demands of POL unreasonable to them or the new model “local” just too much trouble for the poor pay rates POL are offering for a counter staffed 100% of the shop opening hours.

This is yet another in a long list of failures in the NT program. For many the only option is to hand in the key and the local community loosing there Post Office.